Gregg Wright - Fret-King Guitar Artist

Gregg Wright - Fret-King Guitar Artist

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Gregg Wright

Guitarist / Vocalist / Composer / Record Producer

“The GWR is without a doubt the very best guitar I've owned or played. The sound, look and feel of it is absolutely killer! What a tone! These specs are just everything I would want to see on a guitar to suit how I play and what I play. I'm really happy and proud to represent Fret-King, and I appreciate them giving me the chance to have a signature guitar. These days, when I go in to do a show or session, I feel as if I'm carrying a secret weapon…”

He's shared the bill with countless blues legends, played guitar for Michael Jackson and Mick Fleetwood on their tours and albums, has been inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame (former inductees include Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis and Buddy Guy), and now long-time Fret-King fan Gregg Wright brings his signature blues rock sound to guitarists everywhere with the Fret-King Black Label Corona 'GWR' artist model.

Over his many years at the top of the industry, Gregg has become a revered session guitarist, winning numerous awards, and he's also made waves with his own band, culminating in him being known as the undisputed King of the Rockin’ Blues!

A left-handed player, who (somewhat unusually) plays a regular right-hand guitar totally ‘upside down’, Gregg has always hankered after the now long-lost guitar he played in the '80s while touring with Michael Jackson – a guitar built by what in the eighties was possibly the most sought after 'guitar hero' custom brand; I guess we all know which one...

While talking with long term friend Trev Wilkinson about creating the Fret-King Corona 'GWR' artist model, this 'lost guitar' was featuring highly in the conversation, especially the feel of the neck, with its classic eighties shallow profile and flat 17” radius fingerboard – the 'holy grail' for many famous 'gunslinger' guitarists. The extensive Wilkinson 'museum' has an original sample of this very same neck, and it was used as the pattern to create Gregg’s preferred profile.

The Corona 'GWR' builds on the standard Black Label Corona's classic foundations, combining high-end building techniques, premium materials, player-friendly innovations and classic vintage tones with the usual Fret-King twist of delivering more than its stunning looks suggest.

With an American alder body, maple neck and fingerboard, the Corona 'GWR' is tradition embodied – and a whole lot more.

Featuring a high access heel design for easy access to the upper frets and with an extended tenon neck/body join for outstanding stability and sonic coupling, the 'GWR' is a strikingly individual thoroughbred.

The bridge-mounted Wilkinson P90 is stacked, and routed through our Vari-coil control, allowing the pickup to be wound back to absolutely authentic bridge single coil.

With tradition infusing the rest of the pickup and control layout, the 'GWR' will give you all the tone you need to do justice to its effortlessly classic vibe and your music.

Trev’s decades of hands-on experience with designing guitars and hardware are acknowledged as having perfected the vibrato bridge. The Corona 'GWR' features a stylish black Wilkinson WVC vibrato bridge, with stagger drilled steel block and E-Z Lok staggered post height tuners for superb tuning stability and the best return to zero you’ll find.

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Gregg Wright